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    hong kong gift fair discover


    Explore the Conrad Hong Kong’s stunning grand ballroom brimming with hundreds of stalls featuring thousands of unique and unusual gifts and lifestyle products you simply won’t find in department stores, markets or shopping malls.  

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    hong kong gift fair heart


    Treat yourself to a truly exciting shopping experience where you’ll discover beautiful, unique, exotic, and tantalising items from around the world. Discover a delightful new must-have from the wondrous array of gifts.

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    hong kong gift fair speech


    Make contact with hundreds of local and international small businesses, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Mingle with a cosmopolitan collection of like-minded shoppers who enjoy the fun of the fair.

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    Product summary

    Luxury diamond jewellery created especially for you. Whether you are looking for bespoke jewellery or unique ready wear pieces, Niya K’s tailor-made process ensures that you will get a piece you absolutely love.

    About this exhibitor

    Niyati Kapadia, a fashion graduate from Parsons University, New York, with a strong family background in the diamond industry, provides bespoke and personalized service unique to the Niya K brand. Get design advice from a fashion & jewellery professional. The Niya K team assures every buyer of quality with extensive research to find the best diamond options for our customers, checking each stone personally before proposing them. As an industry insider, Niya K has access to wholesale loose diamonds, giving customers fine jewellery at great prices.Every piece of Niya K jewellery is stamped with the gold and diamond information; all diamonds are natural and conflict-free, sourced from ethical and reputable suppliers. Celebrate Every Occasion with Niya K. #Celebrateeveryoccasion #NiyaK

    Country of origin: Hong Kong, China

    Contact: Niyati Kapadia, 91051516,,, Facebook: Niya K, Instagram: niya_k_


    prestige gift fairs hong kong





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    The Prestige Fairs Team – Ian, Chris, Nick and Jaye

    T : 2792 0096
    M : 9312 6110
    E :

    prestige gift fairs hong kong



    1. Vendors can display their products ONLY in the area rented.
      • Tables are 3ft depth. An additional area of 3ft depth behind your table is for your chairs.
      • Stock can only be placed under the table or next to your chairs.
    2. Only products stated in the application can be displayed. Any changes must be approved.
    3. Sharing of tables is not allowed.
    4. Only a maximum of two people are allowed to staff a 3 x 3ft and 4 x 3ft table.
    5. There is a cancellation deadline of 30 days before each fair date in which payments can be refunded less a 20% cancellation fee. No refund will be given after the cancellation deadline.
    6. The Conrad Hotel will not allow hooks, pins, thumbtacks, etc. to be used on the walls. An indemnity charge will be applied to any participant causing damage.