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    20+ years in gift fairs

    Prestige Fairs were born nearly 20 years ago, and since then thousands of mainly small to medium-size enterprises have used the fairs as a major venue for marketing, promotions and sales. Many new entrepreneurs have used the fairs as a low-cost low-risk venue for starting new enterprises and seen their business boom.

    The largest fairs in Hong Kong

    The fairs are by far the largest in Hong Kong. Held in the 11,500 sq. ft. Grand Ballroom of the Conrad Hong Kong, each year they attract thousands of Hong Kong’s most eager, experienced and expat shoppers.

    Target thousands of shoppers in one day

    In just one day, exhibitors gain direct access to several thousand targeted shoppers who visit each fair specifically looking for new and different lifestyle and gift items to purchase. This large number of potential buyers makes the cost per customer very affordable and effective in comparison with other forms of advertising and marketing.

    Grow your network

    As well as direct sales, exhibitors can get direct feedback from their customers and add to their network of contacts for future promotions and sales, so a one-day time commitment at the fairs is very effective and efficient.

    Your secret to success

    With the explosion of direct online selling the retail environment scene is rapidly changing and the future will be very different from the past. If you want need new ideas to boost your business, and save your time, money and effort, then exhibiting at a Prestige Fair is your secret to success.

    Who exhibits at our Fairs?

    Regular Exhibitors

    Many of our regular exhibitors have been with us for over 15 years, and use the fairs as a major continuous source of revenue.

    Specialty Hong Kong Wholesalers

    Who sell direct to the public as well as discount their excess stock.

    Home Businesses

    Who want to expand their direct sales network and add to their new client list.

    New Enterprises

    Who come to test their business strategies and get direct feedback from new customers.

    Online Retailers

    Who take the opportunity to add to their client list and to meet and show their products to their digital customers.

    Established Hong Kong Retailers

    Who want to promote their brand and retail location to new customers.

    Professional Service Providers

    Photographers, design consultants, tour operators and others who need to talk with individual prospects to explain and promote their services.

    Not for Profit Organisations

    Selling items to raise funds for worthwhile causes.

    Our Exhibitors

    Below are examples of the products and services featured by exhibitors at our fairs.