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Contact: Verkha Mahtani
Telephone: 2366-2733 Website:


There is a large and amazing variety of plant-based foods that have become readily available in Hong Kong. Long gone are the days of limiting oneself to basic fruits, nuts and vegetables when making the choice to be vegetarian.  The vegan way of lifestyle isn’t just for athletes and actors anymore, veganism can help everyone become the best version of themselves by using the right food choices to improve their health and well-being.  VegHamper is an online store in Hong Kong specialising in vegan and vegetarian ‘meats’ with gluten-free and soya-free options  Whether you are an individual, family or corporate client, VegHamper promises to try and make it easier for you to have access to vegan and vegetarian ‘meat’ choices.  Visit the online store and see just how vast the variety of vegetarian and vegan options there are at one’s fingertips and have the convenience of yourorder being delivered to your doorstep!


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