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Below are the exhibitors who attended our Christmas 2021 Gift Fair on Thursday 9th December, 2021.



Contact: Veronique Charmant
Telephone: 9688 9536


Traditional Creole Jewellery dates to the 17th and 18th centuries and is born of a blend of cultures and techniques influenced by Amerindians, Indigenous Caribbean, Europeans and Africans brought across the Atlantic with the slave trade, Indians and Arabs – All merging with local sensibilities to create something new and unique.
The Creole aesthetic is firmly rooted in local fauna and flora, with symbolic imagery like sugarcane bundles and cinnamon apples. Some of the key pieces are the gold-beaded necklaces and “the maille forçat” links chain.
Today as much as it did then, this jewellery encapsulates a legacy of pride, spirit, and resilience embodied by all Afro-Caribbean women.
In honor to those priceless heirlooms, Toussine jewellery is timeless pieces rooting inspiration from both modern aesthetics and Creole heritage from Martinique, charged with an energy and style that’s meant to empower, to be shared.

Toussine helps and reminds you to connect yourself to your inner power: You have everything.
Toussine Jewellery is infused with the wisdom of Creole culture.

Perfect for everyday wear, to be gifted for special occasions, those pieces are like talismans to accompany and protect you everywhere.
Toussine is authentic, personal, autobiographical and timeless. Wearing Toussine is remembering who you are, carrying and believing in yourself.


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