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Contact: Nitika Harjani
Telephone: 6210 0826 Website: http://www.tiascollection.com


TIAS is the creation and inspiration from different fashion metropoles – from walking down the vibrant streets of Manhattan, London, Hong Kong, to running a decade-long successful chain of branded fashion stores in Spain, TIAS is a brand that infuses these experiences while understanding the needs and desires of the modern-era buyer. Its Collections champion the core of the human spirit – whether one is looking for executive realness, elegance personalised or simply wants to wear a mood, each bespoke piece will be able to mirror that.

TIAS works with a strong fashion European designer team and obsesses over every minute detail. High quality modern materials of fine leather, pure precious metals of gold and silver, stainless steel and custom-made ropes are used to create each unique design.

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