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Below are a list of exhibitors who attended our Hong Kong Christmas 2022 Gift and Lifestyle Fair.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to our exhibitors directly if you have any questions about their products or services.

Photo of ROSE AVENUE – Nov 23 / Dec 5

ROSE AVENUE – Nov 23 / Dec 5

Contact: Susanna Yiu


Rose Avenue loves women at all ages. They are all precious, and all beautiful.

Rose Avenue has been created to provide up-to-date fashion jewelry for women at all occasions. Using sterling silver and synthetic gemstones from sustainable sources, Rose Avenue and the collections are timeless, stylish and above all ‘alternative’’.

Its owner’s love for jewellery started at an early age when she was captivated by her mother’s and grandmother’s fine collections. There began a life-long and profound love and admiration for jewellery that remains at the core of the brand.

It was amongst the quaint antique markets that she noticed how finding the right piece of jewellery, with its own individuality could bring so much joy. In aims to help women feel confident and look stunning beautiful day to night.

Working with a team of innovative designers and profiled craftsmen who share their passion and determination, Rose Avenue brings together feminine touch and power to the collections.

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