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Contact: Camille Aquino


Modern Myth is an everyday wearable fine and demi-fine minimalist jewelry brand based in the Philippines. Every piece is hand produced in small, made-to-order batches and traditional techniques are used in producing the jewelry, such as lost wax casting. Modern Myth uses high quality and enduring materials – from precious metals (solid 14k and 18k gold, sterling silver, and gold-plated sterling silver), diamonds, and natural gemstones.

Modern Myth’s designs are for the minimalist and effortless woman who embraces simplicity. She has timeless taste in style and is not dictated by trends or seasons. This is someone who considers her purchases as investments and uses these pieces over and over again. She knows the value of what she buys.

There’s been a gap in the market for reasonably priced jewelry that already uses precious metals and stones. On one hand, there’s fashion jewelry that is mass-produced, uses cheap materials, has quick usage, and only goes with the trends. On the other hand, there’s luxurious jewelry that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. The inspiration for the brand simply comes from wanting to create beautiful, well-made, and valuable jewelry that can be worn every day.

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