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Contact: Wendy Lau


Our unique series of childrens story books, introduces children to the world of modern medicine through intereresting stories. The high quality books cover everything from diagnostic tests to procedures and particular illnessees. All of the books contain underlying messages and nurture compassion for others. The same key characters are used in the books with coloful illustrations; The stories are an excellent resource for improving general reading standards.

Mediwonderland  aims to bring the wonders of medicine today to children through stories written in child-friendly language that captivate children. In addition to being a must-have collection for healthy children as well as sick children, the stories provide a platform for discussion as children are fascinated with the human body. They are also very useful for doctors in explaining procedures and in the classroom as invaluable teaching material


*Educate* *Empower* and *Excite*

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