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Kajal Naina Fine Jewelry

Contact: Kajal Naina
Telephone: +85293656758 Website: http://www.kajalnaina.com/


The brand Kajal Naina is passion poured over possessions. The jewelry line named after the designer herself the collections have assortment of elegant pieces of earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches and pendants. Kajal works mostly in solid gold and precious and semi precious gemstones as she loves creating long lasting jewelry that can be worn on a daily basis and can also be collected as family heirloom.

 As a highly skilled and formally trained jewellery designer, Kajal Naina creates one-of-a-kind meaningful collections and bespoke items of jewellery for clients around the world who want something more than just an accessory. By drawing inspiration from surroundings – people, nature, culture, the sky and stars –each collection has a story of its own.

 Each gemstone is handpicked and each artisan craftsman carefully sourced to bring these designs to life and to ensure they stand the test of time.

Everyone deserves to feel special, which is why Kajal works closely with local and international artisan craftsman to produce her beautifully crafted jewellery at competitive prices.

She was born and raised in Nepal, and has since spent time living in India, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.


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