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Below are the exhibitors who attended our Christmas 2021 Gift Fair on Thursday 9th December, 2021.



Contact: Arunima Sen
Telephone: 9768 3905


A Journey and a Vision

Found in the distinctive architecture in Rajasthan, India, the traditional jharokha is an ancient and ornamental oriel window that offers a special, sometimes secretive, view to the outside world. Providing gateways from shadow to sunlight, these spectacular façades are a place to gaze out across sweeping vistas or bustling streets, somewhere to feel connected to what is beyond one’s own space and life.

Jhaarokha is inspired by the beauty of jharokha as a metaphor for cultural connection and vision. Embracing true slow crafts, Jhaarokha handmade textiles are a return to traditional processes. Our designs are the fruit from a forest of creativity. Our artisans work together in an ecosystem that preserves a precious heritage, crafting complex art forms that are as beautiful today as they have always been.

Our focus is on slow crafts and showcasing traditional Indian craftsmanship and we love complete handmade items. We have strived to showcase some of the rich and traditional craftsmanship from some hand picked regions of India.

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