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Photo of FREEDOM@SPARKLE – Nov 26 / Dec 16

FREEDOM@SPARKLE – Nov 26 / Dec 16

Contact: Angela Chan


Freedom2Sparkle is a home grown Hong Kong company where the chief designer and the team of craftsman are local Hong Kong Chinese. We truly believe in local craftmanship and desperately to bring this dying trend back into mainstream shopping habit again.

Freedom2Sparkle has two lines. One is the “Wear it Today, Everyday” collection that provides the customers with the essential pieces to look stylish effortlessly. Equally you can indulge yourself in our sensational opulent High Jewellery collection that takes you straight from casual chic to glamour galore.

If indivinduality is your thing, then at Freedom2Sparkle you can unleash your creativity to design your own jewellery and we love making bespoke pieces! Or we can design pieces that are uniquely you.

Freedom2Sparkle is also proud to provide you an end to end services. If you want to remodel your old jewellery, repair or repolish your family heirloom, we can do that too!

To keep prices reasonable, Freedom2Sparkle is an online business and we are available to meet face to face by appointment. So by joining Prestige Fairs, it is an awesome opportunity to meet our clients and let our clients to know us more too.

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