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Photo of DUNORI – Nov 26

DUNORI – Nov 26

Contact: Julie Sarmah


Dunori is a sustainable fashion brand aiming at empowering the traditional weavers and artisans from Assam, a pristine province in North-east India. From casual to swanky, from light to bold, our designs are honed by contemporary aesthetics yet rooted to their ethnic origin. “Dunori” is the local name for a quintessential oil-lamp holder from Assam, resembling a hurricane lamp. Likewise, our brand aspires to be the guiding light showing the path of a socio-economic boost to the livelihood of North-east Indian weavers and craftsmen, thereby giving them their due spotlight across India and beyond.

Dunori is exhibiting:
STOLES handwoven in 100% pure Eri Silk, an indigenous wild silk from Assam. Eri Silk does not involve killing of silkworm during production. It has isothermal, anti-fungal and anti-allergen properties.
CLUTHES and PURSES handcrafted in Paat Silk, the indigenous Mulberry Silk from Assam. Paat Silk is known for its softness, durability and glossy texture.

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