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Photo of AYMEE – Nov 26 / Dec 16

AYMEE – Nov 26 / Dec 16

Contact: Nadia Sukova
Website: http://www.aymeelove.com


Aymee. Old French (Latin). “Dearly Loved.”

Aymee is more than just a brand.

She’s a living, breathing force of love, here to inspire you to embrace the greatest love of all – for the one you see in the mirror.

When you buy from Aymee, you invest in quality jewelry that will never let you down. Because it’s more than just accessories to Aymee. It’s a true reflection of who you are, what you stand for, and why.

Aymee jewelry is chic, trendy, and easy to buy online – at a price all women can afford.

Each piece of Aymee jewelry that leaves our studio is created by passionate jewelry connoisseurs, using pure 925 sterling silver.

Silver is one of the most affordable precious metals in the world, with incredible durability that can be molded into any design you can imagine. Buying silver jewelry is an investment set to last for years to come.

We also understand your desire to mix and match a chic variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, unlike the old days when women owned just one or two classic sets of jewelry. You crave more freedom than that, which is exactly what Aymee gives you.

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