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Below are a list of exhibitors who attended our Hong Kong Christmas 2022 Gift and Lifestyle Fair.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to our exhibitors directly if you have any questions about their products or services.

Photo of ALVIN c.k. LAM ART – Nov 23 /  Dec 5

ALVIN c.k. LAM ART – Nov 23 / Dec 5

Contact: Alvin c.k. Lam


“Unspoken Stories, Unsung Heroes” — Capturing a moment in a time of rapid change, local artist Alvin’s collection of watercolor paintings pays tribute to a disappearing generation whose lifetime of devotion helped shape the Hong Kong today. Brimming with color & detail and painted on location, Alvin’s work brings to life real stories of (extra)ordinary men and women who make Hong Kong so uniquely Hong Kong —a celebration of the ‘Lion Rock Spirit’ and the rich cultural heritage of a place we proudly call home. Affordable art for the Hong Kong lover.

Limited edition prints, postcards & seasonal cards available.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Alvin recalls picking up a paintbrush long before chopsticks. In 2020, while experimenting with watercolor urban sketching, Alvin inadvertently embarked on a journey of ‘rediscovering’ his hometown as he uncovers untold stories along the way —often in the most ordinary, familiar, yet most overlooked places.

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