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Come to the Prestige Fair to enjoy the unique Prestige Serendipity Shopping experience – the "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise" of finding something exciting, good or useful when you’re not even looking for it.

Explore the latest and greatest

The Conrad Hong Kong Grand Ballroom will be filled to capacity with 1-day pop-up shops. You’ll browse through displays featuring 1000s of the latest lifestyle and gift ideas from all over the world, presented to you by Hong Kong’s artists, designers and innovative entrepreneurs.

Items that you won’t find elsewhere

Most exhibitors are small to medium-size businesses run by local and expat entrepreneurs who sell directly to shoppers rather than through shopping centres or departments stores. As you wander through the Ballroom, be sure to visit all the exhibits to experience the serendipity of discovering many unique items not available through other retail outlets.

Expand your local network

Be sure to expand your network by talking to the designers and entrepreneurs and connecting with other visitors. Hear the stories of their businesses and the origins of their products, and be sure to taste the gourmet foods, confectionery and wines offered. Discuss their products with those marketing professional services and the on-line retailers, and learn of their special areas of interest.

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere

The casual atmosphere makes conversation easy, and many lasting friendships between customers and exhibitors have started at Prestige Fairs.

Products displayed are of high quality and value, and you’ll get exceptional service from the exhibitors. The Prestige Fairs – where you save time, save money and save effort while enjoying a unique Hong Kong shopping experience.

Five 1-day Prestige Fairs are held each year with several thousand shoppers visiting each fair.