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Chakra by Piya

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At Chakra by Piya, we design with the heart and the mind. Using the ancient wisdom of the chakras as our inspiration, we share with you a simple yet universal philosophy. We are excited for you to discover yourself in this fun and powerful way: by connecting to your own innate joy and abundant vitality. Surround yourself with colour, beauty and knowledge and discover jewellery that resonates with who you are.


“For me, every aspect of the Chakra collection - its design, its purpose, its beauty - can be summarised in just one word: connection. It gives you the ability to really tap into your own innate energy. Can you imagine what that can do? Anything becomes possible. It really is incredible.”
                                                                                             -Piya Haresh


Piya Haresh is the founder of Chakra by Piya. She is a qualified jeweller gemmologist, practitioner of alternative health modalities, mentor for self-unfoldment and a teacher of Vedanta, the universal philosophy of the Vedas.


We are based in Hong Kong, where the dynamic fusion of East and West provides an ideal environment for our inspired creativity.