Sheetal Avlani, Anita Patel

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Zeroyet100 is a Hong Kong start-up founded by 2 enthusiasts for products made from only natural ingredients. Looking for a chemical-free deodorant led the 2 founders, a school teacher and a fashion designer, to hand-make a “nothing synthetic and totally effective” all-natural ingredient deodorant which also works as a detox for the underarms. 

Unlike commonly used chemical based anti-perspirants that block the pores to prevent natural sweating and stops the essential release of bad toxins from the body, Zeroyet100’s balanced formula does exactly the opposite. 

The unique blend of natural materials used to make Zeroyet100 does not stop the natural sweating that our bodies are designed to do. Activated charcoal absorbs 1000 times its own weight in moisture and helps absorb underarm wetness. It also has an added natural characteristic of drawing out toxins from the body.

Chemically made deodorants wipe out the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria with their strong synthetic substances. Probiotics help to stop those bad bacteria from growing – getting rid of the smell from the root up, while adding to the good bacteria to protect your skin. 

Prevent embarrassment, fight off bad bacteria, while drawing out toxins from your body … all of this while your body carries out its natural function of sweating, yet keeping you dry and fresh.

Packed in reusable natural jute pouches and available in recyclable aluminum tins or BPA-free deodorant sticks at