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Rising Lotus

Category: FASHION.

Rising Lotus is a boutique women’s athleisure label that caters for the unique and active individual. We believe that in order to look good. We create comfortable functional and stylish clothing for active women all around the world. 

          Whether you are at the gym or on the street, you will definitely stand out wearing our designs. We are all about positive body image and healthy living. We want to empower young women to be strong and confident, We want you to know that: You are unique! You are special! You are like the Lotus Flower. You can bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world. Be happy! Be Bright! Be You!


          For many years, the fashion and beauty industry has been telling young women that there is something wrong with them. We want to change that. We want to spread positivity and joy. We are all about community. We want to encourage young women to support each other instead of judge each other. RL girls unite! 


          Designed in Hong Kong and crafted from superior fabrics and quality materials, Rising Lotus is the perfect boutique fashion label perfect for the active fashionista.