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HPEACE by Heather Parisi


: Clothes have always been my last thought before I go to sleep and my first thought in the morning!! I truly have been a clotheshorse since I was little girl.

Doing television shows or posing for a cover of a magazine or going to the supermarket, I like to make sure that even the nail polish on my toes is impeccably done, color wise, as well!! I created HPEACE by simply thinking Vintage, Comfortable and Well Made!!! Materials against the skin are fundamental; velvet, chiffon, silk and a soft almost vintage cotton feel are a must! I thought of HPEACE for Women, but as soon as my children saw the collection, they went crazy for it.

And they are right!  Almost all of HPEACE items are Children friendly, besides the Vintage Jeans and the Velvet Shopping/Jogging Sweatsuits which are rigorously for women!! All of my materials are Top Notch, and extremely soft against the skin.