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  • KENSINGTON is a jewellery/accessories brand of Chariot Enterprises, a major purveyor in natural/organic personal care, skincare, and detergents. KENSINGTON brings its customers beauty, distinctiveness, and value by sourcing designer branded jewellery and accessories from all over the world. Products range from earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches to mens cuff links. Each piece is strictly handmade under the supervision of the designers themselves, and therefore maintains exquisite quality and meticulous craftsmanship as the designers originally intended.

    Nicole Barr
    Nicole Barr collection features the epitome of enamel art, giving life to naturalistic motifs with lustrous colours and sparkling clarity it has been renowned for. Its detailed craftsmanship and rich colours, remaining faithful to the authentic and traditional enamel making processes that have been refined over centuries, make each piece a perfect companion to showcase the elegance of the wearer at any occasions.

    For almost fifteen years since 2003, Monica Mehta has specialised in reinterpretation of conventional spinner ring designs that originate from ancient prayer and meditation practices. DBM spinner rings will help the wearers achieve the balance of life - balance between look and function, between work and life, and between tension and inner peace.