Asa Isaksson

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Cali’s Books


Based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Cali’s Books is a publishing house dedicated to introducing babies and young children to the joyous world of words and music. 

Our brand is based on four key elements in order to promote children’s early learning:

- Words: trigger early-language pathways

- Songs & Music: encourage language skills and help babies manage their emotions

- Motor skills: improve hand eye-coordination and fine motor skills

- Play: build social skills and create a wonderful feeling of connecting with your little ones

Our sound books combine these fours elements in one unique product! Each book contains six nursery songs with lyrics. On the left page we have the lyrics, representing “words", on the right side we have the illustration and the embedded sound button representing "motor skills” and "song & music". And not to forget, children love to play with our books!

Our founder and co-founder are both moms of young children who trained as engineers and worked in banking.