Saori Mochizuki

t: +81-90-3596-1176

Saori Mochizuki / Shiam


A combination of two creative minds coming together as one! We provide a personal shopping experience whether you are looking for a perfect gift, matching accessories or wanting to stand out from the crowd. We have you covered.

Saori Mochizuki, create bags and accessories for active independent women. We'd like to make the women's life dramatic using trendy polka dots and stripes.  Saori Mochizuki’s bags bring brightness in your days. With these bags, you will feel like you are on the red carpets of the world .


Shiam pieces are designed and handmade by a Japanese designer with the delicate designs and precious material 14K Gold Filled and Fresh Water Pearl from Japan. Shiam has the elegance and high quality craftsmanship and tasteful designs. Their jewelries are characterized by elegance with a playful sprit based on color combination of WHITE, BLACK & GOLD.