Hilary Schwartz

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Hilary Schwartz

Category: JEWELLERY.

Founded  in 2005 Hilary Schwartz began with a small collection of silver jewellery with gem stones.  Such was the popularity of the collection, it has grown over the years and now she is designing in both 18K Gold and Silver using Unique Gems.  From contemporary large silver link chains in both Silver and Gold Vermeil to Stunning Rings in unique bold designs to suit all tastes and occasions.  All our fine jewellery is custom made in Hong Kong.  


We also make bespoke custom designed pieces in Gold in collaboration with the client.



 We can now also boast of a thriving Bridle clientele, where Hilary has designed many bespoke Engagement and Wedding rings for thrilled couples beginning a new life together. "It is always such a joy creating a special ring, regardless of budget, that fulfills the dreams and wishes of Brides and Grooms."