Mr. Chan

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kai and kai


We are the studio creating the interesting handmade living products. For this fair, we would like to introduce a series of products  such as toys, seating mat and fabric pendent lamp. We are used to make our products with varies kind of high quality and colorful fabric, or even recycle fabric, and humanize them with the unique character.


For our fabric toys series, they are inspired by the memory of our childhood self-made toys, which is basic and sample. We hope to re-create and introduce them to our children nowadays. The toys we have made will be back to the basic, we encourage them to play in their own way, and communicate with the toys with their own imaginary story. We hope to develop their sense of imagination through their playing.


With the idea of the weave of recycle fabric, we come up with the sophisticated way of making the lampshade. They are not only the group of lamps, they are actually the pieces of art. We hope they will express the fresh new feeling for the decorative light fixture. 


We also have some other living accessories, we care about the little details of our living. We carefully select the comfortable fabric with beautiful colour combination. We are happy to see everybody using our creation with enjoyment, and will keep bringing you our new idea in the future.