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·      Taking care of one’s wellbeing means more than leading a healthy lifestyle. It also means coming home to a personal space that nurtures your body and soul and makes you, you.


LIM is an online lifestyle store that focuses on enhancing one’s wellbeing by bringing aesthetically pleasing, high quality, and globally sourced home décor and accessories that represent elegance and quality living. We believe that nothing feels more satisfying and uplifts the body and soul more than going home to a place that is uniquely you. Through our honest pricing, and a unique and carefully sourced product selection, we aspire to help customers turn their homes into personal spaces that reflect their creativity and individuality.


We aspire to help our customers look beyond the well-known yet uninteresting brands and products the large, more established stores offer; and discover unique daily essentials that are not found in common shops.  Most of the brands we carry are from Europe with a small selection come from US and Asia.  Product categories include home furnishings, bath linen & accessories, cookware & serveware, home accessories. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our diverse collection for you and your space.