Hitomi Sugino/Chieko Urabe

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FEMINA Jewellery

Category: JEWELLERY.

Meticulously hand crafted sophisticated jewelry with semi-precious stones by Japanese designer Chieko from Kyoto.  Jewelry redesign assistants available. 


FEMINA Jewellery is a tiny jewelry studio located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, creates delicately hand crafted jewelry with semi-precious stones, crystal and glass beads for all occasion.  Designer and artisan, Chieko, from Kyoto, exquisite old city of Japan, combines it elegance and delicacy with dynamic Chinese essence into her pieces, makes feminine yet powerful jewelry.

All FEMINA collection is feminine, delicate yet wearable, enhance your elegance to maximum.


"Jewellery Reborn Project" is another unique offer from FEMINA,  To give new life to unused jewelry, FEMINA assists totally redesign it.  Abundant material, Chieko’s experience and talent able to give a new look to the old jewelry with reasonable price.   Tired boring necklace metamorphose to brilliant fancy jewelry which suits your life style.