Jo Dixon

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Originally from New Zealand, renowned for it's powerful sun, we are fiercely passionate about sun protection.  Having also lived in London and Hong Kong, combined with travel experiences around the globe, we are inspired by artisan and contemporary design and a desire to create stylish yet practical items.  Our range of beautifully hand-made genuine Panama hats and Hat Cases are the result of this inspiration.


Our hats are hand-made in Ecuador by artisan craftsmen, using traditional hat making techniques to which we add our contemporary and original designs.  The Ecuador craftsmen are the best in the world, taking between one to six weeks to create finely woven hats. 


Our unique Hat Case design makes transporting and storing your hats effortless so you can wear your hats more often.  It can store three plus hats of standard to medium brim lengths and is designed to fit into standard airline overhead lockers, under seats and in your large suitcase.


Bella Blu hats and Hat Cases are designed for people who relish life and enjoy colourful and enriching experiences.  Each design will accentuate your individual style whilst taking care of everyday sun protection concerns, as you enjoy living the life you want to live.