Niyati Kapadia

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Category: JEWELLERY.

Looking for luxury jewellery created to suit your exact preference? Whether you’re looking for bespoke jewellery or unique ready wear pieces, Niya K’s tailor-made process ensures that you will get a piece you absolutely love.


Niyati Kapadia, a fashion graduate from Parsons University, New York, with a strong family background in the diamond industry, provides bespoke and personalized service unique to the Niya K brand. Get design advice from a fashion professional, who has worked with some of the top fashion labels in the world. We help you understand your options and get a truly beautiful piece of jewellery – at the right price.


The Niya K team assures every buyer of quality with extensive research to find the best diamond options for our customers, checking each stone personally before proposing them.

As an industry insider, Niya K has access to wholesale loose diamonds, giving customers fine, detailed jewelry at great and reasonable prices.



Every piece of Niya K jewelry is stamped with the gold and diamond information; all diamonds are natural and conflict free, sourced from ethical and reputable suppliers.