Cathy Choi

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On the Road Experiences - Luxury Driving Experience Ltd



We specialises in exclusive, guided self-driving holidays in China and neighbouring countries (e.g. Lao, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar) and in Europe (the Alpine and Austria-Hungary countries and regions). 


Road journeys by private car offer a unique blend of freedom, privacy and comfort; they allow you to taste adventure while travelling with ease. We plan everything to make your journey safely, carefree and memorable. We craft our itineraries thoughtfully, based on our knowledge of the region, do research and go explore the regions ourselves. Nothing is outsourced, no information is second-hand; each journey is a genuine On the Road Experiences creation.


Most of our groups are very small, 3-5 fully insured cars and 6-12 travellers. We offer scheduled journeys and tailor-made itineraries for private groups with different themes (e.g. Family Holidays, Photography, Foodie).


Our journeys promise to:

·        take you on Back Roads so you can get away from the crowds


·        give you Front-Row Seats so you can experience local cultures up-close-and-personal


·        give you a glimpse Behind the Curtain so you can see how things really are


·        introduce you to Hidden Gems of cultural and scenic beauty


A driving holiday is an excellent way to spend enjoyable time with the people who are dear to you.