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Jewelry can tell the tale of a lifetime. The pendant that once belonged to Amanda n’s grandmother is one that has travelled over time, far and wide, from a picturesque Greek island of Cyclades to a small village in the South of France. Handed down from mother to daughter, generation to generation, this necklace inspires Amanda n’s passion for fine jewels, the beauty of gold, and the aspiration to create pieces that are much more than mere jewelry, but rather, pieces that share a story.From the Parisian workshops, to the heart of Rajasthan, the land of kings and of a thousand and one tales, from the villages of the Golden Triangle in northern Thailand, to the Balinese “Bengkels”. During her years spent in France and abroad, alongside the finest artisan jewelers, Amanda n. has learned to meld the most traditional aspects of the tradewith modern methods of jewelry crafting, whilst also discovering new and unsuspected sources from which to extract the most elegant stones of all shapes and colors.However, it is throughout her various immersive experiences in the different wonders of the world that will feel an increasing desire to tell her own story and create pieces that convey the symbolic nature of her roots and of her rich cultural background.Refined and classy, charming and playful, Amanda n’s collections celebrate the distinct beauties and desires of women.