Ravina Dayaram

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D2UK Jewellery & Watches

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D2UK Jewellery & Watches, is the name Ravina Dayaram and her daughter Nikita

Krishnani, gave to their new jewellery and watches brand.


Ravina has been a jewellery designer and producer for over 30 years, she is

currently based in Hong Kong, from where she collaborates with her daughter, who did

not hesitate to join the design process from England, where the jewellery designed.


Each piece of the D2UK line is hand-made with rhodium-plating or 18K gold-plating

high quality 925 silver, by her finest jewellery masters, who carefully select each

element with great detail.


In order to achieve the personality and essence of every piece, they use precious

and semi-precious stones such as high quality Cubic Zirconia, according to the right

cut, clarity and color.  Including as well, other stones such as amethyst,

aquamarine, citrine, coral, diamond, emerald, jade, onyx, opal, pearl, ruby and



As the perfect complement to the jewellery sets, D2UK offers an exotic range of

designer watches with rhodium or gold plating finishing, and embellished with

Zirconia and Crystal stones. 


Precious stones, fine jewellery and impressively beautiful models, bring to life


D2UK's designer collection.