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Anna Alexandra

Category: JEWELLERY.

Anna Alexandra is a Hong Kong lifestyle brand, creating functional pieces that aesthetically enhance your home. Our line of modern jewellery boxes are designed to add a stunning pop of colour to your personal space.  These high gloss, lacquered boxes come in 5 vibrant colour combos - from classic to preppy to fun.  Built to be functional as well as beautiful, they contain two trays with space underneath to organise your collection, allowing you to instantly find the piece you need.  We have taken extra care in the details, striving for high quality hardware, fabrics that are kind to your jewels, and a close feature that is virtually silent.  Being designed in Hong Kong and built nearby allows us to personally oversee the production and quality control.  Our products are designed not only with looks in mind, but also with value for cost.   We believe that beautiful products can and should be affordable

Modern jewellery boxes built for organisation. Finished in a high gloss lacquer with soft close.  Choice of 5 vibrant colours